YeeGetaway is a unique travel content brand from Bhutan that showcases unseen destinations, stories, culture and travel experiences in Bhutan. Led by travel content/documentary filmmaker PemC, you’ll read interesting and unique travel stories that also explore the themes of immersive culture, Buddhist history, mythology, sustainable tourism, food, agro tourism, environmental conservation and climate change.

Unlike most travel content websites, the content on YeeGetaway is a combination of travel recommendations and also researched documentation of people, culture, place showcasing a more indepth look into Bhutan for travelers who wish to explore beyond a basic itinerary. The blogs and videos are a combination of travelogs hosted and led by PemC and in depth articles and documentaries in partnership with agencies like the Tourism Council of Bhutan, WWF, UNDP Bhutan, Department of Forests and Park Services, etc.

YeeGetaway content is for the unique traveler who wishes to explore and learn about Bhutan beyond what a traditional itinerary shares. It is for the traveler who wishes to experience the history, mythical stories, culture, food and nature of the Kingdom of Bhutan through a more nuanced perspective that enriches the travel journey into Bhutan. There’s more to travel in Bhutan than just visiting a Dzong.