Things to do in Punakha

Welcome to the picturesque valley in western Bhutan that is also the home to one of the Kingdom’s most stunning traditional fortresses.

Mey Lhha Naked Dance Festival – Trashiyantse Series 4

If you enquire about Naked Dance Festivals in Bhutan, you’ll probably be led to the annual event in Bumthang in Jambay Lhakhang but did you know that there are far more eventful performances in the east? The Mey Lhha Naked Dance Festival in Chhema, Trashiyantse is one of them.

The Original Inhabitants of Bhutan – Discovering Monpa Festival

How much do we really know about ancient Bhutan? Who were the original settlers? My recent trip to the Monpa festival in Jangbi, Trongsa was a voyage into a portal of ancient Bhutan; a time when the tribes of the mountain forest existed and a time when a tribal community lived together with nature.