Top 6 Things To Do In Gelephu

It’s time that you head south towards Gelephu for a vacation and here we have the ‘Top 6 Things To do’ recommendations for you.

Pemaling Village tour in Gelephu

The highway towards Pemaling is peacful and the drive takes you along picturesque one-storied homes surrounded by banana and betel nut trees.

Tsachu Eco Lodge In Gelephu

This place is a dream for those looking for a jungle retreat. The sound of chirping birds, the river, monkeys…it’s so different here.

A Love Letter to Heritage Homes

My stay at Nemjo brought me closer to my love for simple things. Whether it’s the simple idea of bringing an age old house back to life or the simple idea of valuing the taste of something grown at home

Why You Need to Explore Chumey Valley in Bumthang

As you cross the dense pine forests after Yotongla Pass from Trongsa, you’ll suddenly enter a wide open space filled with vast farmlands, clusters of picturesque traditional Bhutanese houses, apple orchards and scattered temples on hills. This is Chumey Valley.

The Cafe near the Tiger’s Nest

There’s a beautiful cafe below the Tiger’s Nest in Paro. Come take a tour of this beautiful stop in the pine forest on our way to Taktshang, Paro.

A Jungle Getaway in Manas, Bhutan

Have you ever wondered what Bhutan’s side of Manas is like? If there’s one subtropical Jungle getaway you wish to visit in Bhutan, it’s the Manas region in Zhemgang.

Getaway to Gangtey Valley

Looking for a unique getaway to the most beautiful valley in western Bhutan. Read this travelogue to find out the nuances of this famous valley of the Black Necked Cranes.