When the pandemic hit I wasn’t sure whether hotels would be interested in promotions with no tourists around. But one property set itself apart and is pioneering a new tourism trend for local travelers, and dang they’re good at it. Welcome to the Tiger’s Nest Camp. 

Tigers Nest Camp in Paro

This is surely one of the most unique accommodations in Bhutan. When the place first opened, it was trending on Bhutanese social media. Located right opposite to the Tiger’s Nest in Paro, the camp is a beautiful property with 15 luxury tent rooms with a cozy lobby and dining area.

Safari tent rooms at Tigers Nest Camp


Package for Locals:
Nu.4000/- for tent accommodation only

Nu. 4800/- for safari tent accommodation & Breakfast
Tourists: Nu. 6200/- for Dinner, Breakfast & Tent accommodation

Breakfast at Tigers Nest Camp
Meals at Tiger’s Nest Camp
Dining with a view

There are several reasons why I love this place. When the pandemic crippled the hotel industry in Bhutan, it became a turning point to look into the value of domestic tourism. Leading the way was the Tiger’s Nest Camp. This place is one of the few hotel brands to do well during the difficult time by exclusively marketing to locals with affordable rates and family-friendly service.

Children go horse riding

Horse Riding

Besides experiencing a unique forest getaway through their luxury safari tent rooms, they also provide several activities around the community that is ideal for families. Horse-riding is one such program in partnership with the local community.

For more information on the camp contact Tiger’s Nest Camp