If you’re a traveler who doesn’t like the overdone traditional restaurant setting targeting tourists then you’ll love this intimate cozy Bhutanese food spot in Paro.

Phanguu is pig’s head in Dzongkha. And you get to try this delicious dish here at this restaurant located below the bridge to Paro Rinpung Dzong.

Sonam Choden started @phangguu_paro to serve authentic Bhutanese food – something she learned to cook from her mother and grandmother. “My family’s Lochoe traditions taught me a lot about food and how it connects people and brings families together. I would like tourists to understand what home food is like and also would like families here to bring children to try different kinds of Bhutanese food.”

The setting of Phangguu Paro isn’t one of those traditional decor places geared for tourists. “Most of our guests say they feel like they’re visiting someone’s home in town. In fact I had one lady take the dishes to our kitchen because it felt so comfortable for her to do that.” The decor may not be Bhutanese but the heart in it is.

Besides the pig head dish, you can try numerous other Bhutanese food dishes here and also dishes that you may not usually find at other restaurants. Phangguu’s special Ezey is grinded on an old heirloom motor and pestle and the restaurant also serves Ema Ho Kam (sun dried tender green chilies) with cheese.

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