Have you been looking for a nice meal spot near town? Because Semki Restaurant is exactly that. Delicious menu and conveniently located
A Bhutanese meal

Have you been craving some Bhutanese food? Because we have a new place to recommend.

Semkyi restaurant has some of the most popular Bhutanese food items in their menu and what’s more they are conveniently located in the middle of Thimphu Town near Clock Tower. You must check this restaurant out.

The restaurant sports a cozy vibe with dominant dark interiors. The owner told us that the the decision to open Semki came about because of very few restaurants serving authentic Bhutanese food.

From Paksha Paa to Ema Datshi and many hearty dishes in between, their menu is packed with savory delicacies. Ezay and daw are complimentary with every meal. You cannot go wrong with red rice, ema datsi and paksha paa when ordering Bhutanese food, so the if are near cock tower and hungry give Semki a chance.