What’s the Catch today?

To Tshewang Gyelsthen, Catch 34 is more than just a “restaurant. A professional Chef with an experience of 10 years in Australia, Tshewang is back in Bhutan and with him a dream to open a unique dining experience. Under the tutelage of Simon Moss, a famous Australian Chef, Tshewang has various techniques under his belt, from butchering to plating exquisite dishes. It was a dream of his to open a restaurant that features an open kitchen and bring a shift-system working culture in the local food industry. Tshewang also hopes to make Catch 34 a fine dining option for people who relish gastronomical experiences. 

Roasts pork at Catch 34's menu, one of teh restaurants in Thimphu  "where to eat in bhutan"   "best restauranst in Thimphu" "Thimphu" "Bhutanese food"
Roasts Pork

Catch 34’ s menu is something that you will not find in Thimphu easily. You can definitely anticipate their speciality from their tagline, “From the ocean to your plate, seafood delight awaits!.” Their signature dish Crab Seafood Boil is sweet with a slight aroma of seafood served with a medley of veggies like potato, carrot and baby corn. However our eyes were caught by their beautifully plated, Pan Fried Salmon.

Panfried fried salmon at restaurants in Thimphu  "where to eat in bhutan"   "best restaurants in Thimphu" "Thimphu" "Bhutanese food"
Pan fried Salmon, served with toasted bread, chili oil and confit garlic

However if you are still unsure about trying seafood, you cannot go wrong with their Pork Ribs. Tshewang told us that he buys whole pork and butchers it himself before brining it for 6 hrs in a herb concoction and letting it rest for 2 days before roasting. To wash down these indulgent eats, you can order any classic drinks and cocktail from their open bar. 

They also provide 3 am delivery and are open the whole night from Friday and Saturday. 

Hardworking team of Catch 34, one of the restaurants in Thimphu. "where to eat in bhutan"   "best restaurants in Thimphu" "Thimphu" "Bhutanese food"
The team of Catch 34


Location: Opposite to Bhutan Post

               Downstairs to Lungta Handicraft

               (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)  

Contact : 77724537

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