There’s always that one day towards the beginning of March where you step outside and the air exudes spring. Tiny buds begin to yawn out of the grass, shaking off the cobwebs of winter, flowers blossom in soft morning sunlight, and the air smells of earth after rain. In Bhutan, spring is a sight to behold, a rebirth of mountains and valleys; the land of the thunder dragon emerging from its slumber. An ideal time to trek before the summer monsoon season arrives, from March to early June, there are top trails and passes that deserve your attention. From adventures right above Thimphu for an off the beaten jaunt to Gelephu for the earnest traveler, here are the highlights of spring in Bhutan. 

1. Rhododendron Flowers along Lungchutse Trek

A popular hiking trail that begins from Dochula Pass above Thimphu, leading to Lungchhutse Goenpa. The top of the trail gives way to a glorious stretch of mountain ranges, and in the spring season becomes a yellow brick road of blooming rhododendrons welcoming you with every step. At the end of the trail, you can visit the temple with wonderful views to boot and friendly monks.

2. Blossoming Apple Trees in Bumthang

A sacred destination in Bhutan made all the more stunning by blossoming apple trees, come in the spring to see the orchards and valleys sprout their first green buds. From biking to hiking and horseback riding, embrace the greening, verdant scenery in all its glory. Stay cozy in the morning chill at one of Bumthang’s excellent hotels equipped with all the amenities for any sudden temperature drops. 

3. Pristine Rivers of Panbang and Gelephu

What better time to enjoy the freshest, clearest water the Himalayas have to offer? In the southern districts of Bhutan where the temperatures warm up rapidly, find a secret waterfall in Gelephu that leads to special sacred sites. Catch the winter snow run off at its finest. Dive deeper on the blog to find out how to get to the secret waterfall.

4. Breathtaking Landscapes on Trekking Trails 

Bhutan in the spring is unlike anywhere else- come see our valleys and mountains sprout a covering of flowers and plants. Don’t miss out on a blooming landscape- this is one of the best seasons for trekking before the monsoon rains of the summer set in. Stable weather gives way for sunny paths and an explosion of color accompanies you. The trails are at their most lush and vibrant. Meet yak herders establishing summer camp high above Thimphu and Paro, and arrive via foot to some of the best festivals of the season. 

If you’re looking to travel to Bhutan in the near future, spring is a wonderful time to visit and plan your adventures for colors and scenery like no other, trails all to yourself, and stunning festivals and rivers. Dive deeper on the blog!