It’s no secret that Bhutan is one of the most picturesque destinations in the world, if you’re looking for endless mountain views, temples hanging from clouds (or so it seems), and pristine nature. From glowing Dzongs at night to valleys straight out of mythical storybooks, get your camera ready. Whether you are interested in shooting landscapes, people, architecture, or wildlife, Bhutan has it all! Colorful patterns and buildings offer stark contrast to the green valleys and dramatic skies. Top spots are reachable by road or foot, sometimes the best views come on multi-day treks, and the light hits wonderfully at dusk and dawn.

1. Dochula Pass

    The pass above Thimphu that acts as a gateway to the rest of Bhutan, Dochula Pass stands at 10,300 feet above sea level and was constructed as a memorial for soldiers. It contains 108 Chortens and offers an on-site cafe and gorgeous views of the western Himalayan range stretching all the way to Jomolhari.  Come at sunrise or sunset for truly spectacular colors and angles, or stop by on a clear blue-sky day to feel on top of the world. 

    2. Punakha Dzong 

    An architectural marvel along the Mo-Chhu River, Punakha Dzong sits about a 2 hour drive from Thimphu in the cradle of converging waterways. Meaning “the palace of great happiness or bliss, it was constructed in 1637 and is the second oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan. It holds sacred relics as well as serves as a still-functioning administrative headquarters. Standing six stories tall, it is listed as a site in Bhutan’s Tentative List for UNESCO inclusion. In the spring, colorful blossoms adorn the surroundings and this majestic offers unparalleled angles- blink, and it feels as if you’ve traveled back in time. 

    3. Tiger’s Nest 

    You’ve likely already heard of Tigers Nest, or Taktsang Monastery, a temple like no other built into the mountain amidst moving clouds. Hanging off the cliff face at 900 meters, this is one of the most famous and spectacular spots for photography. Come early in the morning for soft light or in the late afternoon for striking shadows. Plan your hike carefully around the weather, as clouds move fast and rain can sweep in at times. On a beautiful clear day, the red robes of monks will dazzle as they swish around the corners of the stone steps and the sheer drop below the monastery will take your breath away. Post up with a tripod and simply take in the scene. 

    4. Phobjikha Valley 

    Shoot verdant green fields and open blue skies dotted with traditional homes in this central district of Bhutan. A haven for landscape and wildlife photographers, serenity falls heavy on this glacial valley. Roam nature paths for different views, high and low, and don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten track- panoramic sights await. Extra points if you can catch the Black Necked Crane Festival in November or the famous Gangtey Monastery. 

    5. Bumdra Glamping Site 

    An ocean of mountaintops backdrops this sacred site that is a popular pilgrimage hike from Paro with an evening of glamping involved. Spend the night at Bumdra camp site, outfitted with comfortable glamping tents for a good night sleep, right next to Bumdra Monastery. High above the monastery, climb to the sacred caves of Bumdra, where legend has it that 100 Dakinis, or angels, descended on a cave here 800 years ago and left footprints on the rocks. Climbing higher, you reach NamgoLa, the Pass as high as the sky, home to the ancient burial sites of Bumdra. This mountaintop offers views all the way to Haa Valley and Mt Jomolhari. The altitude is worth it! 

    Although Bhutan is filled with seemingly perfect frames at every turn, these locations stick out for their prominent landscapes, vantage points, architecture, natural design, and wildlife. Learn more about each site on Yeegetaway or come visit to see for yourself.