The Lost Trail of Brigdungla

In the beginning of 2020, Bumthang district unveiled an ancient trail in the highland mountains of the district. We were invited to document this unseen trail later that year.

Remembering Childhood Tales along Druk Path Trail

When I was a little girl my grandmother told me stories of sacred mountains, holy Lakes, giant cypress trees and the deities that lived in them. On my recent trek along the epic rock path trail, I felt closer to those stories, those Memories, those tales that took me to a land far away to a land of fantasy. Come with me as I take this journey.

Luxury Camping & Other Wonders at Bumdra

For a very long time Bumdra has been a pilgrimage for those seeking to visit the sacred Bumdra Monastery. Today Bumdra is an ideal destination for travelers who wish to experience a unique camping and trekking adventure.