Called the “Doorway to Bhutan”, all guests flying into the nation will contact down first in the wonderful valley of Paro where the country’s just global air terminal is found. Quite possibly of the most grand and extraordinary air terminal, the trip into Paro takes you through glorious Himalayan mountains with looks at Mt. Everest. Situated in the northwest, Paro is very much associated with the capital city Thimphu and the southern line city of Phuentsholing through a public roadway. This antiquated valley imparts solid social connections to Tibet as it saw both exchange and clashes at the northern boundary. This staggering locale is speckled with conventional houses and rice fields. Add the Paro Chhu going through the valley and you can see the reason why most can’t resist the urge to pause and take pictures here. The area is additionally home to in excess of 155 sanctuaries and cloisters, some of which date back to the 14h hundred years. The most popular of these is without a doubt Taktsang Religious community or “Tiger’s Home.” Worked in the seventeenth 100 years after Master Rinpoche traveled to the area on the rear of a tigress, this precipice side construction has turned into the stuff of legends. History-buffs can likewise visit the Public Gallery which contains many verifiable ancient rarities, weapons and works of art. As a passage point for sightseers, Paro town likewise offers a scope of stylish bistros, bars, shop lodgings, setting up camp and boating encounters. Paro Dzongkhag is located in the north-western piece of the country. The distance between Thimphu and Paro is 50.7 km and will be about an hour’s drive.

Location:  Paro lies at an elevation of about 2,200 metres above sea level. The region falls under the cool temperate zone. 

People & Language – The dominant language in Paro is Dzongkha, the national language. 

Weather: June, July, and August (18°) are the hottest months (with the most elevated typical high temperature). January has the coldest month (most reduced normal low temperature) with – 6°C.