OGOP : Made In Bhutan

Each product chosen to be marketed by OGOP comes from local artisans and farmers, who have received support to grow high-quality crops.

Traditional Attires In Norbooz Buray

Norbooz Buray has a wide variety of Bhutanese textiles ranging from Kiras, Gho, kera, Rachu and many more in different patterns and colors.

Gagyel Lhendrup Weaving Center

To shop in Bhutan, one must be ready for an explosion of colors and Gagyel is exactly that. Colorful and bright, you can’t have enough.

Premium Yathra Textiles at Yarn and Yathra House 

If you’re looking for premium textile then say hello to traditional Bhutanese textile YATHRA. An exquisite textile that hails from Bumthang valley in central Bhutan, Yathra textile is made from sheep or Yak hair.

Kaja Throm Farmers’ Market

Whether you enjoy exploring the goodness of local farmers’ markets, street food, local music or walk around art galleries, Kaja Throm is one stop space for all.