Bhutanese Chocolate

A popular treat enjoyed by people all over the world is definitely chocolate. Chocolate id extracted from cocao beans. Then the cacao beans are processed to create various forms of chocolate. Although we are familiar with international chocolate brands, how about something Bhutanese. hence we present to you Yiga Chocolate.

Yiga chocolate
Aum Kinley, Yiga Chocolate

“Culturally, abundantly available and beneficial ”, says Aum Kinley when explaining to us how she comes up with new exciting flavors for Yiga Chocolate. Established in 2017, Yiga is a product of Aum Kinley’s venture into a new territory and Bhutan’s first chocolate combined with flavors known to this country.

Yiga Flavours

One such favor is ezay flavored chocolate, yes ezay (bhutanese fiery condiment). This 80% chocolate content product is bitter and the ezay has a savory element, leaving a sight burn at the back of the throat. Our favorite was their Mandarin zest chocolate, which had a wonderful aroma of oranges. Yiga also focuses on providing premium chocolate with elements that have health benefits. Their Omega- zone chocolate is rich in omega foods such as chia and perilla seeds that help control lupus, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis, and may play protective roles in cancer and other conditions. Their Divine Tablet , containing mountain hezelnut has crunch from hazelnut and dark bitterness of chocolate. Yiga means happy spirit and embodies the concept of chocolate and the way they do business. Thus, they not only care about your palette but your health as well. 

Here are some flavored chocolates you must try;

1- Dragon’s Delight – Ezay and dark chocolate

2- Omega zone- Chia, Perilla and dark chocolate. 

3- Divine tablet- Mountain hazelnut and dark chocolate

4- Exquisite crunch- Quinoa, pink salt and dark chocolate 

5- Pick me up- mountain coffee and dark chocolate. 

Location- Debsi 

Contact – 17705885

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