Situated just below VTOP in the building just behind the Karma’s Dhaba, BAF could be your daily lunch spot. Just like its name suggests, BAF serves up authentic Bhutanese foods that guarantee to satisfy your taste buds. Their cozy interiors decorated with comfortable sofas and naturally illuminated ambience seems homely and goes well with their Bhutanese soul food. The owner, Kinley Gem used to be in the tourism industry, however during the pandemic, she was forced to find another livelihood. Now she is a proud owner of a restaurant along with her hardworking staff.

Bhutanese food
Owner of BAF, Mrs. Kinley Gem and her staff

Overview Of Bhutan’s Cuisine

Bhutanese cuisine reflects the country’s unique culture and geography, with dishes that are often spicy, hearty, and influenced by neighboring countries like Tibet and India. It also reflects the country’s traditions and reliance on local ingredients, often incorporating spicy flavors, cheese, chili peppers, and grains such as red rice. Compared to white rice, red rice is nuttier.

On The Menu

Here in BAF, you can choose between red and white rice, along with their wide varieties of Bhutanese dishes. One of their specials is ‘kangchuu’ (pig’s trotters) and ‘Gyep Paa’ (tripe). The pigs’ trotters are the hoofs of a pig, that are roasted and boiled before serving with some vegetables. They also have the ever-essential, Nosha and Pagsa Paa. For vegetarians, who want to try ‘Paa’ you must have the veg juma paa. Veg juma (sausages) are often made of flour and species like chilies, szechuan pepper and garlic power. Other than these items, kewa (potato) datsi, semchug (beans) dashi, shamu (mushroom) datshi etc. are also on the menu. Nyakam Paa (dry fish) is especially tasty and give a try to ‘gondu Maru’ as well. Their in-house ezay is complimentary.

BAF also does catering and events.

Location- 1nd floor, below VTOP

                 The building behind Karma’s Dhaba

Contact- 17673551/ 77902022

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