Bhutanese textiles drying under the sun

Aum Jambay narrated to us the story of how weaving first started in Bhutan. “ A long time ago, a woman was staring out of her window wondering how she was going to begin weaving. A bird is said to have come along and tweeted, ‘chi thu, nee nan, sum tho, nee nan, chi thu.’ Choying added that the chirp, pick one, drop two, pick three, drop two, pick one, was the mother of all panthers. Known as ‘Khemar Tekpa’, in Goenpokarp language. 

Aum Jambay (Kezang Wangmo) and her daughter Choying are the women behind the boutique, Kelzang Textiles/ handicrafts. Aum Jambay is best known for the kira that Kate Middleton, Catherine, Princess of Wales wore on her visit to Bhutan with Prince William, Prince of Wales.

Choying and Aum Jambay have also formed a particular connection with the Japanese. They both have been to Japan to conduct weaving classes and have taught the Japanese all they know about Bhutanese textiles.

Their store is located in Norling Street, near Kuenphen Pharmacy. It is filled with beautiful traditional Bhutanese textiles, jewelries and accessories.

They also dye their threads themselves in a natural dying process. Even through natural dyeing is a labor intensive process, Aum Jambay prefers using it to artificial dyes because it’s better for the environment.

Location : Norling lam, near Puchka shop

Contact no : 1712665

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