From the peaks of the Himalayas to the foothills and valleys swathed in lush greenery, Bhutan is a nature lover’s paradise. As one of the only nations in the world with environmental protection ingrained in our constitution, Bhutan must maintain at least 60% forest cover and maintain biodiversity corridors. With vast acres of protected ecological zones and national parks, it is no surprise that escaping into the unrivaled, thriving nature is one of the best ways to experience the country. 

With various diverse biomes, from tropical jungle to chilly mountain peaks and temperate forests wrapped around rolling hills, there is a plethora of nature escapes to choose from. Whether you are a hiker, camper, glamper, or prefer to be inside, outside, here are the most breathtaking escapes to simply get away. 

1.Himalaya Keys Forest Resort, Paro 

A property like no other in its unrivaled architectural design blending into the natural environment, this resort near Paro brings sustainable luxury to acres of coniferous forest. Designed with an eco-friendly concept in mind, you’ll have your pick of 14 cottage rooms that immerse you in the wilderness environment. Large floor to ceiling windows provide ample natural light and a sense of being directly in the trees, while modern amenities inside provide comfort and a good night’s sleep. Located in Paro, in the forests near Drugyel Dzong, it feels isolated and remote despite being only 20 minutes drive from town. Enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, bring a good book to read, or simply enjoy the green scene from bed. 

Distance from capital- 64.5 km

Time – 1 hr 43 min

Altitude- 2300 m

2.Lotus Camp, Punakha 

One of the most popular campsites in Bhutan sitting on the banks of the MoChhu river, Lotus Camp in Punakha is the perfect blend of adventure and comfort. Glamping at its finest, enjoy comfortable tents, showers, and clean bathrooms. Fall asleep to the sound of the river rushing nearby under a sky full of stars, and amble for a walk along the private riverbank that elicits images of sandy beaches. With gorgeous views of the river and the valley opposite, you can also partake in river rafting activities and enjoy 3 full, home cooked meals a day if you choose. Go swimming in the pool and huddle around the campfire at night. A perfect weekend getaway from Thimphu or as a peaceful pit stop on your way to adventures in Central Bhutan. 

Distance from Capital – 73.6 km 

Time – 2 hr 30 min 

Altitude – 1200m 

3.Panbang Ecolodge, Zhemgang 

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Panbang Ecolodge is the ultimate tropical getaway in Bhutan, and the country’s first jungle camp. In the southern district of Zhemgang, this is a true off the beaten path destination. Get ready to experience falling asleep to crickets chirping against a silent night, a herd of elephants approaching a gigantic river with a golden sunset on the horizon, and hornbills making an occasional appearance on the trees along the river bank. Panbang is a quaint little town close to Manas National Park outfitted with the famous twin waterfalls. This jungle lodge was a dream project by the River Guides of Panbang, a community-based river rafting company that specializes in ecotourism. Enjoy a unique blend of a jungle safari look and a traditional Khenpa aesthetic- all the structures are covered in thatched roofs made in the traditional Khenpa style, constructed with the help of local villagers and their knowledge of the craft. Complete with a mosquito net lining, comfortable mattresses and bedding, and a rushing river outside your door, this is as wild as it gets for a  subtropical adventure. 

Distance from Capital – 117KM

Time – Approximately 6 HRS, 37 minutes from Gelephu

Altitude – 2600 M

4.Tshachu Eco Lodge- Gelephu

Another top destination to explore southern Bhutan, Gelephu in Sarpang district is the gateway into the Kingdom from India to the south, with a landscape of tropical plains. Tshachu Ecolodge is located near Gelephu hot spring and alongside a meandering river. The slow pace here will inspire you to hit the brakes as well, enjoy lingering sunsets, participate in the tranquil pace of village life, and admire the betel nut trees and bougainvillea bushes. This place is a dream for those looking for a jungle retreat. Add in top regional cuisine on-site by a local chef, and your getaway is set. 

Distance from Capital- 252.3 km

Time- 7 hours 

Altitude- 221 M

Bhutan is one of the most unique and unrivaled biodiversity hotspots on earth to experience the best of nature at its wildest. Bring your camera, sense of adventure, and lose track of time by including any of these stunning escapes in your itinerary. Find further in-depth coverage on the blog!