MK Restaurant, Centre Point near Lugar Theatre📍

The restaurant, which is possibly the oldest in town, has a retro Japanese aesthetic with miniature Sakae cups arranged in a row near the entrance and Japanese artworks hanging from the pillars that aunty Puspa received as gifts from her guests.

Puspa the chef behind MK restaurant, started this Japanese restaurant in 2007 after her Japanese friends suggested the idea  “ I have never been to japan, whatever I know about Japanese food, were taught to me by JICA volunteers”.

Starting a Japanese restaurant in 2007 was for sure, not easy for Pushpa, certain ingredients that were special to Japanese food had to be imported from japan “ my Japanese friends whenever they left from Japan, asked me what I needed, they bought me ingredients that I could not get in Bhutan. 

Eating at MK,  we cannot truly describe what it is like to eat home-cooked Japanese food, but from the feel of the ambiance to the personal touches of aunty Pushpa, if we were ever invited for a meal at a Japanese house, we are sure it must taste and feel like aunty Pushpa’s cooking.

Our recommendation is the chicken teriyaki set for Nu 350 /-
Call 17629199☎️

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