Remember walking through the bustling lanes of Jaigaon, totally unnerved by crowds and questionable hygiene of Indian Street food (you’d still eat it anyway). 24 year old Sawan Gurung’s puchka corner above Pelwang studio is every bit of Bazaar street food nostalgia you ve been missing the last 2 years.

Pani Puri or Puchka is a street food treasure – an explosion of spicy sweet flavors you’ve never experienced. This is why we loved going back to the noisy crowded alleys of Jaigaon. Sawan’s little Puchka corner is where you can get that experience in Thimphu. His small business is about 10 years old and wishes to expand with time.

The young shop owner learnt to make the perfect mix from his parents. He mastered his parents’ secret ingredient (which without a doubt is the liquid mixture for pani puri) over time despite all the challenges he faced in getting the ingredients for it, especially during the pandemic.

Sawan takes great pride in this family business and remarks that he finds happiness in every customer’s head tilt whenever they take a scrumptuous bite of his Pani puri, and wishes to better his skills with every bite.

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