Terma Linca translates as Treasure Palace. This luxury boutique hotel is probably one of the few hotels in the capital that can pride itself for its spacious outdoor gardens beautifully paved with stone slabs for a quiet walk near the river. If you get a sense of tranquility from the outdoors, then you’ll love the minimal decor inside too. The hotel has 36 rooms (the four exclusive suites are equipped with dining, huge lounge space and the most beautiful bathroom design I’ve ever seen.

p.s there’s a surprise in the oriental design cupboard near the console table.


  • Grand property with lanes for beautiful morning and sunset walks
  • River and mountain views
  • Traditional hot stone and massage
  • Apa restaurant serves authentic Bhutanese cuisine
  • Spacious and luxurious rooms

For room pricing and other details go to @termalincaresort or termalinca.com