Karma Tshoki owns the Yarn and Yathra House .
Founder of Yarn and Yathra House, Karma Tshoki


Yathra is a traditional hand-woven textile art form that is unique to Bhutan. It is characterized by its vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and soft, woolen texture. Weaving this textile has been practiced in Bhutan for centuries and holds cultural and economic significance in the country.

The word “yathra” translates to “woolen cloth” in the Bhutanese language. The fabric is made from the wool of locally reared sheep, which is spun into yarn and then dyed using natural pigments derived from plants and minerals. The yarn is then woven on a traditional backstrap loom or a foot-powered loom.


Founded by Karma Tshoki, Yarn and Yathra House is where you will come across beautiful fusions of both old and new textiles of Bhutan. The showroom has These exquisitely made yatras are both colorful and have various uses for home decoration and as apparels. Usually it’s most recognisable characteristics are having a rather hard and stiff texture, but most of the yatra offered in Yarn and Yathra House are soft and malleable. Actually it is said that the softer the feel of the textile, the more premium the wool. This is ideal for turning them into throw carpets, cushion covers and even throw blankets, owing to the fact that it’s made of yak’s wool. 

If you’re looking for premium textile then opt for the traditional Bhutanese textile YATHRA. An exquisite textile that hails from Bumthang valley in central Bhutan, this textile is made from sheep or Yak hair.

They also have in-house weavers in the upstairs of the showroom. You can go and have a look. Notice the difference between looms used for other textiles. Interact with the weavers and witness how the designs come to fruition. 

Weavers of yathra textiles.
Weavers of Yarn and Yathra House

Location- Near Bhutan Postal Museum 

Contact- 17111793

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