Distance from capital – 110 km

Time – 3 hours 30 minutes

Altitude – 3056 m

As you travel towards Damthang in Haa, you’ll come across a small cluster village called Haatoey which is also home to a unique Heritage Home. Unlike most hotels, Soednam Zinka Heritage prides itself for being a part of the age old community in Haa. From the design, vibrant murals to the architecture the hotel, I felt like I was touring a local aristocratic home from ancient Bhutan. And this is what Soednam Zinka has been known for.


  • Temples and ancient altars in the property
  • Cozy traditional rooms with modern amenities
  • Hot stone baths near the river
  • Authentic Haap food

Single @ 1500
Double @ 2000
Actual rate ; single @3500++
Double @ 4000++

Special Couple offer
Nu. 5000 Package
includes one night stay, breakfast, dinner and guided morning walk

Hotstone bath: Nu. 500