A favourite among the younger urbanites and families alike, Coffee Culture is cozy cafe in Changlam close to the Changlimithang football stadium.

Not one to experiment too much, the cafe has been serving their special menu of sandwiches, wraps, soups and rice bowls for some time but the taste remains consistently good. CC’s pastry menu and cake orders are a local favourite. You’ll get a delicious whiff of freshly made buns and bread as you enter the cafe. The cafe is also one of the first places to offer delectable cheesecake and fruit and lemon tarts. We recommend the Hokkaido buns served at the counter.

Located in a more peaceful setting in town, the seating in the cafe is ample and enough for decent sized groups whether you choose to dine inside or in the cozy outdoor area. For more about the cafe check out their instagram page here

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