Did anyone who’s never been beyond Bumthang ever tell you that there’s no point going further because “Bhutan’s pretty much the same everywhere”?

I was told exactly that a long time ago but that never stopped me because little did they know what lay beyond in the east.

Sights of rural Bhutan

It is not the same my dear… There’s a reason why I keep longing to return to the open luscious meadows in Ura, driving on the precarious cliff of Namling, descending onto the roadside wooden stalls of Thridangbi selling the best concoctions of local maize, feeling the warm air on the winding roads that take you higher up to the cluster towns of Yadi in Mongar, the peeking sight of Trashigang Dzong as you drive on a long highway stretch along sherichhu.

Trashigang Dzong in the far east of Bhutan

“It is all the same” he said…tsk tsk. The old fool didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Here’s a beautiful discovery we made as we were on our way to Merak village in Trashigang, eastern Bhutan.

Have you ever dreamt of taking a walk in a little model town? Well then Rangjung is for you.

Quaint little town of Rangjung

After Trashigang town, Rangjung is the first settlement you cross on your way to Merak. But the place’s definitely worth your time.

Rangjung is one of the most unique small rural towns in eastern Bhutan. Tranquil – that’s how I would describe the quaint little town of Rangjung. Traditional two-storied houses line along the road. You’ll see vegetable and grocery shops with items outside traditional windows. Old people chatting on a bench outside theses houses with rosaries on their hands are also a regular sight in these town. Unique stupa structures stand in the middle of the town. And it’s all so neat and clean. You can’t help but get out of your car for a stroll.

Taking pictures of the people of Rangjung sitting infront of shops

Take a break from your exhausting journey and take a walk along the traditional houses-shops along the road. You’ll meet chatty old men, bored but smiley shopkeepers and you’ll find unique crafts hung in front of these tiny shops. You can feel things slow down and relax here but who’s complaining?

Rangjung Monastery

A famous landmark of Ranjung town is the Rangjung Woesel Chholing Monastery founded by Garab Rinpochhe. The monastery is a beautiful sight and one of the most unique Buddhist structures in Bhutan. It is located just a few minutes above the little town.