If you ask when’s the best time to visit Bhutan, you’ll always be told to come either in spring or fall (during the festivals) known here as “Tourist Seasons”.

But for me personally, I’ve always loved the summers in Bhutan. Yes your travels can be ruined by rain and landslides shutting down the narrow high mountain highways, but the wet season also brings with it an abundance of freshness & vibrant luscious colors to the Kingdom’s wide mountain glades. And there’s no better place to enjoy the season’s enchanting beauty than in the wide bowl-shaped valley of Phobjikha.

View from valley camp in summer phobjikha

About the Camp

Welcome to Valley Camp glamping resort in Phobjikha. Over the past few weeks you may have noticed an upsurge of locals travelling to such accommodations & why wouldn’t they? The concept is new and the idea of sleeping on a bed inside a tent is fairly adventurous (plus luxurious) for most Bhutanese.

Valley camp in Phobjikha

If you’re someone who’s been curious about glamping, I suggest you try this place. But what made me fall in love with Valley Camp is their panoramic scenery of Phobjikha’s wide luscious valley. You can truly BREATHE here.

Room inside the tents


The luxury tents are Nu. 4500 ++ for tent , breakfast & dinner
Nu. 2500++ for tent only

Even Walks in the Valley

The next day, Jigme, the young manager at the Valley Camp took us on a walk to Yusa, a small village right above the property as part of the camp activity itinerary. We meandered through puddles scattered across the farm roads.

Evening walk in Yuesa village, Phobjikha

As I walked on the farm road along the vast potato fields of Phobjikha, a little girl scurried across the muddy road barely carrying a small boy who seemed rattled by her sudden pace. They hid behind a wooden fence and smiled at me from within the board gaps. I smiled at them and asked where they were going. “Kewa thu wa jodo la,” (to pick potatoes) the little girl replied. The valley of Phobjikha is famous for their potatoes so when she said that, I was so excited realizing I would get to pick those potatoes myself in Phobjikha. I asked her if I could come along. She led me by hand as we made our way to her family’s potato farm in Yu Sa.

Little Ngawang and her brother
Harvesting potatoes in Phobjikha valley

While the women I met in Haa harvesting carrots celebrated the heavy rain, the women in Phobjikha didn’t share the same sentiment. As little Ngawang took me to her mother, she shared that the potatoes this year are too small and won’t fetch them a good price. Farmers in this valley depend on potato farming for their livelihood and during such times of uncertainty, the low yield were only making things even more difficult.

Bon Fire Under the Moonlight

We returned from the evening walk to a delicious dinner in their camp restaurant, which is a different structure near the lobby. But the camp had another program planned for the night. There’s a small bon fire set up with benches around the fire. Another group of guests gathered near the fire and started singing. I could see how groups of friends would enjoy the space here. The open valley space seems even more beautiful at night under the moonlight.

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