Concealed in focal Bhutan, Zhemgang Dzongkhag is viewed as quite possibly the remotest district in the country. Try not to allow that to deflect you as this area has an untainted appeal that is great for nature sweethearts and birdwatchers. As one of the untamed life passages comprising the Illustrious Manas park, the Jigme Singye Wangchuck public park and Thrumshingla Public Park, Zhemgang is acclaimed for its rich biodiversity. The backwoods of Zhemgang gives safe-haven to 22 imperiled and many intriguing plant and creature species including the Brilliant Langur and Asian One-Horned Rhinoceros. One more feature of the region is Zhemgang Dzong, which remains on top of an edge that ascends forcefully from the Mangdechhu waterway confronting the town of Trong and Zhemgang town. Other than its significance as a strict construction, Zhemgang Dzong likewise has obvious verifiable worth. It is accepted that the first groundwork of the Dzong was laid by Lama (priest) Zhang Dorji Drakpa who came to Bhutan from Tibet in the twelfth hundred years. The name ‘Zhemgang’ began from ‘Zhang-pack’- zhang alluded to the Lama and posse alluded to the slope. So it was known as ‘The slope of Lama Zhang.’ Guests to Zhemgang will be drenched in the rich culture of occupants who are popular for their people’s tunes, moves, bamboo artworks and ceramics. The locale is otherwise called one of the final spots where individuals actually do antiquated animist strict practices called Bon. Zhemgang area is situated in South Focal Bhutan. The distance between Thimphu and Zhemgang is 7 hr 55 min (280.7 km) through Sarpang – Gelephu – Trongsa parkway.

Location: located in the south central  part of the country, Zhemgang spans over 2,421 km.sq

People & Language – The predominant language in Zhemgang is Khengkha. Khengkha and its speakers have a nearby verifiable association with speakers of Kurtöpkha, Nupbikha, and Bumthang Kha.

Weather: The highest average temperature in Zhemgang is 34°C in the summer and the lowest is 25°C in winter.