1. Elephant rides at Manas Park

The Royal National Manas park is rich in wildlife species, including the high endangered Royal Bengal Tiger.WWF and Bhutan’s Nature Conservation Division jointly developed a 5 year conservation management plan.Which includes training park staff and supporting biological and social economy services and park monitoring programs. The park also offers elephant rides at Nu.100 along the ‘Specialthang.’

  1. Bird watching in Manas

Designated as a wildlife sanctuary, The Royal Manas National Park has the country’s most exquisite birds, plants and animals species. Making it as the world’s most Bi-diversity sites. So if you find yourself close to Panbang; make sure you visit the site.One of the most distinct bird species you’ll notice as you enter the Manas region are woodpecker, Oriental Cuckoo and the magnificent hornbill.These unique birds are characterized by a long,down-curved bill which is brightly coloured in yellow. The best time to spot these exotic birds are along the specialthang Nature Trail at the park where the park staff has also allocated bird-watching areas with park benches along the trail.

River guides of Panbang
  1. Go River Rafting with the River Guides of Panbang

In your Manas travel itinerary,you have to include rafting to Manas Park arranged by the river guide of Panbang at Nu. 500 per head (local rates).The river rafting trip takes you on an hour long rafting experience that leads you straight to the bank opening to the Royal Manas National Park. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen as the one hour on the open water can get you a bad sunburn. There aren’t a lot of rapids but the smooth ride on the water is ideal for family rafting adventures.For more information go to www.paddlebhutan.com

Cooking Banana blossoms in a Khengpa kitchen, Panbang, Zhemgang
  1. Cook in a Khengpa Kitchen

The Kheng region in Zhemgang has its own unique flavors and we were excited to try it directly from a Khengpa kitchen.With the abundant banana trees in the region, banana blossoms; also known as Mochela in Khengkha. It’s a local delicacy. The banana flower is peeled to extract the blossoms which are soaked and then fried with onion,garlic and tomatoes. Add some cottage cheese and the Khengpa Mochela dish is done.Stirring a pot on an open fire in a small elevated bamboo hut with a dim lamp lighting the dark room-cooking in a Khengpa kitchen is definitely a unique experience in itself.

  1. Stay at Eco Camps

The jungle Eco Lodge isn’t the only accommodation available in Manas. If you’re looking for cheaper lodges,there are many smaller Eco Camps that offer cheaper rooms at Nu.300 and Nu.500 per night. There are several Eco Camps you can visit in Gomphu,Pantang and Shillingtoe communities. Try the Gomphu-Manas-Norbugang Eco Trail, for a more unique experience in Manas.

  1. Swim with the Fish

If you’re visiting Manas in early spring, you’ll enjoy swimming in the freshwater creek right in front of the Jungle Eco Lodge. The crystal clear water and the warm weather are perfect for a nice sunny day dip but the  best part is swimming with the tiny fishes in the water. You’ll be surprised to see the fishes swim towards you and curiously nibble on your feet. It is the best swimming experience you will ever have.

Twin Waterfall in Panbang
  1. Visit the Twin Waterfall in Panbang

Before you enter Panbang you are welcomed by a beautiful sight of the twin waterfall near Changazam.The long straight highway right next to the viewpoint of the waterfall is also ideal for a bike ride from Panbang.

  1. Wash Elephants

If you  don’t want to ride the elephants, the best way to interact with the beautiful animals is by helping the park staff wash the elephants in the river when they return from grazing in the late afternoons. Be sure to inform the park prior before you make the trip to the park.

  1. Go Biking in Panbang

The small town of Panbang is a quiet, beautiful region. So explore the place on a bike. The jungle lodge arranges the bike rides for interested guests. The pleasant warm breeze and stunning eco trail create an enjoyable, unforgettable ride.

Jungle Getaway to Royal Manas National Park