This ancient trail was only used by yak herders and cordeycep collectors. It was revived in 2020 to bring travelers closer to some of the most breathtaking highland landscapes in Bumthang and, up close to the Majestic mount Phola.

This beautiful trek in Bumthang assures similar vistas and landscape as the popular Snow Man Trek but in a shorter distance.

Trek Details : 

Duration – 5 days (spend an extra day near Mount Phola)

Difficulty: Moderate to hard 

Best seasons:  Spring & Autumn

Trek Itinerary

Day 1

Location – Zhurey Village to Pongchhen Camp

Ascent 4050 m

Time – 7 hours

Highlights –

  • Village Tour of Zhurey Village
  • Gradual ascent under Chir Pine trees as you arrive close to campsite 1

Day 2

Location – Pongchhen to Mount Phola Tsemchi Campsite

Time – 4 hours

Ascent 4500 ms

Highlights –

  • High mountain views above tree line
  • Sight the first highland lakes on day 2
  • Mount Phola and its incredible surrounding landscape

Day 3

Mount Phola to Wongbu Camp

Descent to 4090 ms

Time – 6 hours

Highlights –

  • More open meadows above treeline
  • Yak sightings on mountain tops and nomadic shelters
  • Wongbu cabin on the mountain top

Day 4

Wongbu Camp to Bim Village

Descent to 3500 ms

Time – 6 hours

Hightlights –

  • Stopping for tea at yak herding family camps
  • Descent into rhododendron trees and pine forests
  • Bim village tour

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