This is Haap food at its best (or worst) depending on how adventurous your palette is. This chunk of meat is a rare Haa delicacy called ‘Maasha’.

What is it basically? It’s rotten meat. I don’t know how else to describe it. Fermented? Maybe. Before the era of refrigerators meat had to be saved this way only. A chunk of meat is stored in a piece of cloth for months until it develops a pungent flavor that is sought after by those who really love it.

I first “smelled” Maasha (yes I was acquainted to its smell before its appearance) at my Haap in-laws’ place. My father in law loves it and the way he delicately enjoys the thin slices of this rare meat will fool you before its pungent smell sets in. I’m sorry but I couldn’t try it lol. Have you ever tried something like this before?

Aum Choden

Aum Choden Homestay

Haa is actually one of the first few regions that started homestay accommodations in Bhutan, the first projects being supported by RSPN Bhutan. I came here in 2017 to do my first travelogue promoting homestays and its so wonderful to see that the hospitality is the same.
If you want to plan a getaway to Haa do check out Aum Choden Homestay in Dumchhoe Gewog below Lhakhang Karpo. It’s comfortable, cozy and you’ll get to taste authentic Haap food.

Rates: Nu 750 for normal rooms (breakfast)
Nu. 1000 for rooms with attached bathrooms (complimentary breakfast)

Call 17718795 to book.