Distance from capital- 340.3km

Time – 9 hrs 33 min

Altitude 2200 m

Located in Yongkola, 30 minutes after crossing Namling cliff, the terrifying landscape of the cliff makes way to gentler slopes leading towards Thridangbi valley near Mongar town. Aptly named, Trogon villa is a bird lover’s paradise. From its tropical themes in the rooms to the homage to the region’s bird species in the names of the rooms, Trogon village is a refreshing getaway with stunning mountain views of eastern Bhutan.


  • Tropical room themes
  • Good Food
  • Guests can explore Thridangbi about 30 minutes down the meandering highway
  • Buy local banana chips, guavas, avocadoes and other local fruits
  • Stunning mountain landscape of Bhutan’s east


Room price – Nu. 2800++ for tourists 

Nu . 1500 for locals

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