If you want to know where to head for food this Wednesday then @foodaffairbhutan is the go-to palace for you.

Run by Tshering Choden, a former TV journalist, and her team, Tshering started her restaurant after leaving her job of 15 yeast to pursue her passion for cooking. “ I’ve always been interested in cooking and my dream has always been to open a restaurant and cook and all that my dream has always been to become a chef, but somehow it didn’t happen”.

The Nepali buffet is served every Wednesday. They serve sukha roti, sel roti, beef joel, and fish joel (alternate) and our favorite chicken in Kasoori Methi (Kasoori methi sun-dried fenugreek leaves). And to best complement this lavish spread of Nepali cuisine they have over 33 side dishes to pair with the mains, all made in-house by Tshering and her team. “The way masala is blended into Nepali cousin is different from Indian, in fact, we have our inhouse garam masala which we make ourselves”

All ingredients that go into the dishes are locally sourced, “ We do not use msg, nor do we reuse oil, we want to give out good food while still making it healthy” said Tshering.

The non-veg spread is spiced at 600 and the veg at 390, make sure to reserve a table in advance as it gets pretty crowded.

Google map directions here