Altitude- 2800+ m 

Distance- 106 km 

Time- 3 hr 4 min

Choden Homestay is located ten minutes below Lhakhang Karpo in Haa. One of the last districts to open to tourism, Haa feels like a recluse compared to other parts of Bhutan. This homestay feels like an isolated space. But the warmth that the family shares through their food makes it the most comfortably and homely place. If you want to plan a getaway to Haa do check out Aum Choden Homestay in Dumchhoe Gewog below Lhakhang Karpo. It’s comfortable, cozy and you’ll get to taste authentic Haap food.


  • Sound of the Haa Chhu river as you sleep
  • Modern comfortable bathrooms in a homestay
  • Breakfast with Jojo (grandpa) near the bukhari in the kitchen
  • Authentic Haa food
  • Milking the family cow and churning fresh butter
  • Welcome tea with hoentey (buckwheat dumplings) in their spacious living room

Watch Homestay video tour below.


Room Rates: Nu 750 for normal rooms (breakfast)

Nu. 1000 for rooms with attached bathrooms (complimentary breakfast)

Farmstay meal pricing

  • Locals: Nu 200 per head ( more than 2 ) 
  •  Tourists: Nu 300 per head ( more than 2 ) 

Call 17718795.