Distance – 73.6 km 

Time – 2 hr 9 min 

Altitude – 1200m 

Situated in Punakha’s Gupchuthang, this homestay is located several minutes after crossing the long Punakha suspension bridge. You’ll have to cross another smaller suspension bridge to reach this homestay. That is how the journey to Gatshothang begins. A delightful little homestay in this part of Punakha called Gatshothang, also known as the “happy fields,” it is run Aum Karma who is also one of Bhutan’s renowned textile and organic dye experts. From the unique stone slab design, vast property with kitchen gardens and riverside picnic spots, this homestay will make your weekend getaway an adventure indeed.


  • Vast fields and gardens that the family owns
  • Riverside picnics
  • Textile dyeing classes
  • Delicious homecooked meals
  • Freshly churned butter and cheese
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Fun time crossing suspension bridge towards Gatshothang


Room rates: For tourists: Nu 2500

For locals : Nu 1500 per room ( with breakfast ) 

Contact +97517609998