We have something we were definitely craving this winter – a HOT BOWL OF BATHUP and which place better to go get than the famous T.C right lah? Located below the clock tower TC cheap eats is a favourite among many Thimphu locals. A shallow bowl of  hand-rolled dough cuts, with fried beef, crowned with sprigs of spinach basking in thick broth — in many ways, this modest dish is the best to enjoy this winter. 

TC, which stands for Tshering Choden restaurant, has been in operation for about 25 years. “My father started the restaurant, and now I run it,” said Tandin Dorji, the current owner.

The restaurant is particularly popular with the younger crowd, and it is known for its bathtub as well as its Koka. Although Koka is an instant noodle, TC always adds a kick to it, giving it a distinct variation on the usual instant noodle. “We treat each dish as though it were our specialty, which is why people adore it.”

Every day, TC sells roughly 30 bathtub bowls and 40 koka bowls. The bathtub and Koka are both priced at NU 120 for the meat option  and NU 100 for veg option.

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